2010 Designer Handbag Trends – Structured Chaos

2010 is the start of a brand new decade and thus represents a reawakening of sorts. With the economy not exactly where everyone wants it to be, practicality is going to be just as important as distinctiveness. This means that fewer people will be splurging on $10,000 couture handbags that can only be worn once, and instead will invest in bags that are more versatile.

Controlled Chaos

One way in which structured chaos will manifest itself will be with the fusion of two trends into one. For example, the combination of tweed (masculinity) and silk (femininity) into a single handbag. An excellent example of this concept is seen in the winter collections of Burberry and Gucci. Both of these houses use their signature monograms as a backdrop, and then embellish with floral overlays or silk bows. This fusion allows a handbag to make a fashion statement, yet still be worn with multiple looks.

Controlled chaos will also be seen in collaborations of classic styles and textures with their futuristic counterparts. Although the concept of mixing the old with the new is not novel, the manner of doing so has transformed. Instead of wearing vintage shoes with a brand new handbag, we will now see handbags that cleverly combine these two movements into a solitary unit.

For example, the Chanel Coco Country handbag has a vintage structure and fabric with braided handles, but it has the famous Chanel logo pinned to the corner in an art deco manner. The Christian Dior Tabou Bucket Bag has a traditional drawstring handbag shape, but it is made with a python fabric which has a futuristic vibe about it.