Why I Love Italian Designer Shoes

Italian designer shoes are always in style! With today’s changing fashions it can be tough figuring out what type as well as style to purchase and wear. But it doesn’t have to be when you purchase and wear quality! Quality never goes out of style. Even with a different style, quality brings a classic look to every wardrobe. And you can be assured; classic quality will never go out of style.

Smart dressers do not follow trends blindly. Instead, they purchase the aspect of a particular trend that appeals to them and incorporate it into their existing wardrobe. I love Italian designer shoes in particular because of their finely crafted detailing. but also because of the consistent, exceptional quality. That means I’ll be wearing the best, most intricately designed pair of shoes with classic looks that will not fall flat with my wardrobe. In any style I choose!

In reviewing Italian designer shoe maker, Gianna Meliani, it is discovered that Gianna designs and takes care of her own collection. Her collection is completely produced in Italy, by the shoe factory Gemini, that belongs to Bruno Meliani, Gianna’s father. The shoe factory Gemini, was born in 1971 and passing through many legal transformations, is now completely administrated by Mr. Bruno Meliani.

The shoe making activity begins from the creation right through to the production, (cutting joining, assembling) and commercializing fine women’s shoes. In order to produce, higher quality shoes, Gianna chooses the most precious kind of leather like calf, kidskin, python, crocodile and so on… Selectivity is what gives this and other great Italian designers an edge in the market as well as a hit with the most satisfied customers who wear them!

Gianna Meliani shoes’ collection is sold everywhere in the world. The firm produces mainly the Gianna Meliani collection however; it has worked and is still working with many other famous labels such as: Anne Klein, Anne Klein II, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Burberry, Paul Smith and more.

“The weight of the body falls on the arch like a plumb line” – wrote Ferragamo, a company which designs shoes, winning the “Neiman Marcus Award” the Oscar of the fashion world and has been in the shoemaking business since 1925. Salvatore Ferragamo a designing shoemaker in Italy is an example of Italian attention to detailing quality in designer shoe wear. You can search the world over and find the absolute best, comes only from Italy. This company became an essential stop off for personalities such as Greta Garbo, Sofia Loren, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Audrey Hepburn who all had their shoes made to measure there. Ferragamo saw machinery production as indispensable for the less elaborate work but believed all the rest should be done by hand and under strict human supervision.

No other shoe designers can the world compare to the Italian designers exclusivity in creating the highest quality, detailed, designer shoes. No other companies can compare their history with any favorable measure to the Italian design shoemakers in Italy.

Yes the complete attention to detail in design along with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship is why I love Italian designer shoes!

Men’s New Fashion Trends

It’s always great to mix trendy pieces with more classic looks to give you the perfect look that always looks up-to-date. Color is big for men this season (I love colored interesting shirts of all kinds), as are relaxed chic looks (like relaxed suits), etc.

Accessories that are hot are really simple: well kept shoes. It’s one of the first things people notice, so always make sure the shoes are right and clean. Here’s something I like to do. Instead of looking at celebs, I check out various magazines and advertising and check out different looks I like (for You GQ, Cargo) and then get shopping!

If you are wondering why some of today’s most sophisticated men’s stores – Polo Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman Men, Barneys New York – are stocked with enough hard-core color to resemble the team uniform section of a sporting goods shop, well, perhaps that’s fitting. Color has become practically a contact sport.

Mens wear Bright New Look In the last few seasons, many men have developed a major passion for sharply tailored suits and brightly patterned dress shirts, snapping up $200 Etros by the half-dozen. But this spring, in the eternal game of one-upmanship known as fashion, the look has been taken to a new extreme. Solidly colored pants, sweaters and blazers – in tangerine, lemon, viridian, magenta, royal blue – have raised the stakes, and some men are, to retailers’ surprise, taking the bet.

Retailers report that traditional two-button cotton sport coats and pinwale corduroys struck by a lightning bolt of color have become some of the hottest sellers of the season. And in a rare meeting of minds, old-school retailers like Paul Stuart are sharing a design aesthetic with edge-of-fashion lines like Burberry Prorsum and Duckier Brown.

“The first thing that blew out of Barneys was all the color,” said Daniel Silver, a partner in Duckier Brown. “When we were designing it we were thinking: ‘It’s so bright. Are guys really going to buy this?’ But they have. It’s like someone knocked down the wall between his and hers closets.”

The trend has obvious appeal to men who want an easy new way to express a bold streak. But it has an august precedent as well, in the late, great NBC peacock, Johnny Carson. In 1973, when country clubs swarmed with pants and blazers of every hue, Carson’s own fashion line was the best-selling men’s tailored clothing line in the country, according to Homi Patel, the chief executive of Hartmarx, which owns the line. In 1973 alone, 80,000 electric blue sport coats (with five-inch lapels!) were sold.

Unlike many looks with roots in the past, this one is a study in jarring contrasts. It has both the edge and cheek of early 80’s New York, when Day-Glo color fueled the New Wave scene, and the ease and entitlement of an early 70’s Republican enclave in Palm Springs.

“The roots are in that country club thing,” said Joe Zee, the editor of the men’s wear magazine Vitals. “The edge is in its conservative aspect.” Striped shirts and plaid jackets can play into a conservative look, but solid colors, Mr. Zee suggested, are bolder. “Men are more used to pattern,” he said. “So a pink striped shirt is easier for a lot of guys than an all-pink shirt. That’s a more specific fashion statement.”

No sector has taken up the call to color more than the hip-hop world, in which dandies like Usher, Farnsworth Bentley and Andre 3000 of OutKast (hard at work on a fashion line called Benjamin) will wear, and combine, the splashiest of colors. “You have urban rappers from Nelly to Puffy saying, ‘I can wear this without being a sissy,’ ” Mr. Zee said.

Chris Chambers, a dapper vice president for publicity at BMG Music, feels the pull. “There’s definitely a mixture of an urban thing with classic country club.” he said. “I’ll wear the pink Ralph Lauren blazer but maybe not with the white slacks they show. I’ll wear it with some Evisu jeans and a cool sneaker.”

Still, it takes guts. “I think a solid bold color looks fresh, but you have to have a level of confidence for it,” Mr. Chambers said. What makes the look less brash and more appealing, he said, is its history as the onetime uniform of 19th-hole golfers everywhere.

Ross Geisel, a Manhattan fund-raiser, has taken a shine to color because of its associations with a life of gentlemanly ease. “I can get away with wearing it to work, and then if you go out afterward, you don’t look like you came from the office,” Mr. Geisel said.

Another reason he likes extreme color is that there are so few rules about wearing it. That, he maintains, makes it easier, not harder to dress. “It doesn’t matter what you do,” he said. “I have a loud pink shirt on today with a corduroy chocolate brown blazer. I can wear it spring, summer or fall, with any shoe I want.”

Even with his outlaw attitude, he said the style reminds him of his father’s country-club clothes. But the concept of Johnny Carson as a symbol of style is lost on him. “All I remember is Carnac,” he said.

Shop & Splurge With Burberry Shoes

Burberry shoes and boots are part of the world-renowned high-class brand product range. The Burberry brand is a well recognized high class fashion brand. The company has over a century of background on its side. Created by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, in the U.K. in the mid-1800s, Burberry started out designing and producing clothing collections and eventually specialized in developing outdoor attire. The brand became even more famous immediately after the invention of the gabardine, a hard-wearing, water-proof, yet breathable fabric by T. Burberry. The famous check pattern initially appeared around 1925, as part of the coat designs. This design has been used on almost all the item lines including of course the Burberry shoes and boots range.

These shoes, like several other Burberry items, are acknowledged to be some of the top items in their category. These branded shoes and boots can frequently be seen on the shiny pages of leading style publications and have also walked the runways of the various fashion capitals all around the planet. These shoes and boots truly are very stylish shoes and boots. However, Burberry doesn’t just capitalise on fashion but also on the simple fact that these shoes, with other Burberry products, are manufactured with top quality, resilient materials, and terrific workmanship.

You will find this brand of shoes and boots for men but also for females. The Burberry boots and shoes reflect the famous, legendary check pattern that was made famous by the clothing collection. The Burberry women’s shoes collection includes designs like platform, sandals, courts, flat, ballerinas, boots, trainers and also weather boots. On the other hand, the Burberry men’s shoes line consists of models like casuals and trainers. Burberry sneakers and shoes have solid base colours: white, black, maroon and beige except the weather boots that truly exaggerate the well known trademark. The brand’s trademarked tartan checkered design may be seen on most other products.

The Burberry brand was historically made for the hard outdoor lifestyle. It was designed for men who know what difficult weather conditions are. The company totally changed its brand image over the years to become a much more stylish brand name. The company may have changed its image to the glitz of fashion yet the quality and durability of the products have really remained. Burberry shoes are simply no different. These signature shoes and boots have been modified to turn into high fashion shoes and boots yet their high quality and durability, like they all were formerly created for, have remained to withstand against difficult weather conditions.

Burberry shoes and boots are now very famous in the fashion universe. Their shoes and boots have become a symbol of taste for great quality footwear. They’re fashionable but their level of quality is renowned. These shoes and boots all have the famous trademark that’s now recognised world-wide. This popular brand has been well-loved by many celebs and prestigious people in the society. That being said, Burberry has remained true to its brand of quality and durability.

Designer Handbags: The Top 5 Must-Haves

Nowadays, everywhere you look in New York, you’re bound to see someone toting a handbag from one of the top designers. With the exception of a few up-and-coming names, most of these labels are well-established and launch amazing new bag designs with every season.

Designer labels Burberry, Fendi, Ed Hardy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada are responsible for producing today’s five most popular handbags. This article will look at each brand and summarize just a few of the many reasons why these bags rate among the most popular in the world. In fact, these bags are so desirable that many women will pay an absolute fortune for the privilege of carrying such a bag.

A couple of the labels we’re looking at have been established for many years. Burberry was created way back in 1856, and Prada came into being in 1913. Other labels such as Ed Hardy and Dolce & Gabbana have launched their designer handbag range more recently.

The handbags created by these five designers are much more than just a fashion statement. The quality of design and craftsmanship are what make these bags so special. The handbags are usually constructed from expensive and often Italian leather. The quality of the leather is excellent, being supple, smooth, and flawless. Seams are neatly tucked. The inner lining of these bags is usually of a remarkably high quality, consisting of custom-made and durable satin or silk fabric. The bags are finished with stitching that perfectly matches (either naturally or having been dyed to match) the leather of the bag. The handbags usually have a few features that are unique to the particular designer. An example of this is the modified typeset of Prada, with the ‘r’ in Prada being put in a bent rather than straight position.

The reason why these five handbag brands have become such a fashion must-have for so many women world-wide is their sheer quality and the craftsmanship that has gone into producing them. Having so many celebrities tote these handbag brands around may also have something to do with it.

A feature of the Ed Hardy brand is the art that is displayed on a huge range of products, from bags to the school folders my children use every day. The graphic design on his expensive range of handbags is very different from what you’d usually expect with designer brands. Although the Ed Hardy line includes a range of more affordable bags, it’s his designer range that attracts the women who still want a top of the range bag, while also expressing their own sense of style and personality.

Designer brands Fendi and Prada are famous for the excellent leather and the skill that goes into making their bags. Because of the sheer quality of these brands, it’s easy to spot the fakes, even if they have been well-made. Nothing can match the craftsmanship that goes into the genuine brand. Alongside Ed Hardy, the Burberry brand also has its own unique character. This brand’s bags are distinguished by their seemingly innocuous, simple and soft appearance, and construction from supple leather.

Whether your style is rural or urban, or hard or soft rock, you’re sure to find a handbag from one of the top five designers that suits. If you like to match your bag to your clothes or shoes (as I do), then the handbags by Ed Hardy go with all types of outfit, from shopping mall bargains to head-to-toe designer. His artistic and sometimes slightly grungy designs suit any age or income.

Fendi and Prada are at the higher end of the designer scale. Their bags are made out of the world’s best leather, and lead the fashion stakes in terms of design. They have really become an essential for many stylish women. If you want to make your mother-in-law very envious at the next family get-together, then purchasing a Fendi or Prada bag may be the perfect solution! Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry also deserve their place in the list of must-have bags because of their distinctive style.

Whichever bag you choose from the top five designers, it will definitely put a little swing in your step when you venture out for the day.