Burberry Tall Leather Boots

Burberry tall leather boots are nothing to sneeze at, you want to talk about sophistication in boot design, then there is no conversation without Burberry. The price tag for these puppy’s are no joke either, so if you are lucky enough to don a pair of these highly sophisticated tall leather boots then it could mean only one thing…you’re on a different level than most…Period!

You can find these Burberry tall leather boots online or off, if you shop for them online please be sure and visit the official Burberry store and have a look around to compare prices, if you decide to buy them from some other store online be sure to check the authenticity before you make any final decisions, you work hard for you money and you want to get every penny’s worth that your money can buy.

Burberry leather boots can also be purchased offline at any shoe outlet store, as a matter of fact I would recommend everyone visit one of these stores from time to time to see these extraordinary boots up close and personal, that way you can become familiar with these boots and learn to easily spot a fake. Whatever you decide to do as far as the purchasing of these leather boots go, just remember to be patient and ask questions and I’m sure you will be satisfied about your final purchase.

Don’t forget to stop off at ebay, you are sure to find a nice pair of tall leather boots to fit your overall fashion statement, and you’re much more likely to find an excellent deal on eBay than any other online store that stocks these Burberry leather boots.

Behind the Logos – The Humble and Surprising Beginnings of 5 Top Fashion Design Labels

We know the designer labels. We know the logos. In fact, we’re on a first (or last) name basis with them. But fashion labels have become such brand entities that we can forget that at one point in history there was actually a person with that name who started the company. And in many cases, these designers sold merchandise quite different than what the brand is known for today. So let’s take a trip through fashion design history and meet some of these founders.

Louis Vuitton. Thanks to its LV monogram and logo, Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most recognized designer labels. Born in 1811, Louis Vuitton was a layetier, or luggage packer, for prominent families in Paris. Luggage packing was considered an art because traveling could take months and months, requiring many changes of wardrobe. Eventually, he became the official layetier to Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie. Armed with knowledge about what makes a good packing case, Vuitton began designing his own luggage in 1854. He invented the stackable flat trunk; previously, luggage was dome-shaped, so rain would run off more easily.

Ferragamo. The luxury shoe and clothing brand’s founder Salvatore Ferragamo, born in 1898, made his first pair of shoes at age 9. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1914, eventually moving to California, where he opened the Hollywood Boot Shop in 1923. He earned a reputation as “Shoemaker to the Stars,” selling shoes to Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson, as well as providing the footwear for Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments.”

Burberry. Known for its trademark check pattern, the company was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, specializing in outdoor wear. Looking for a water-resistant fabric for his clientele, he invented gabardine in 1880, which withstood the elements yet was still breathable. In 1914, he gave the fashion design world his most famous invention: the trenchcoat, patterned after an old officer’s coat.

Prada. Although a premium status brand today, Prada was founded by brothers Mario and Martino in 1913 as a little shop that sold leather goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags. The brothers did not approve of women running their company, but it was Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia who introduced the classic Prada handbag in 1985, and a women’s ready to wear collection in 1989, putting Prada on the luxury map.

Boss. Founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1924, the German company did not originally specialize in fashion design, but instead manufactured uniforms. In fact, the company prospered during the Nazi regime as Hugo Boss, a member of the Nazi party, was an official supplier of the black SS uniforms. Shortly after World War II, Boss died but the company continued to produce uniforms for postal and police workers. It did not introduce its first men’s suits until the 1950s.

While many of today’s top fashion designers are household names and familiar faces, these five fashion founders are less known – but their namesake brands live on.

Burberry Check Patterns

Everything changes in this fast paced world however there are things that remain iconic and do not lose their significance even in the course of time. As it is well-known fashion industry is one of the most fast changing and developing one among others. What was in only yesterday is not in vogue any more today. Nevertheless, some trendsetters manage to foster love and admiration for their creations in people for many years ahead and which afterwards become a classic. New generations eagerly wear those pieces that were put on by their grandparents long before the former were born.

One of such trendsetters was Thomas Burberry, a 21-year-old draper’s apprentice, who in 1856 opened his own shop in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, thereby having made a start of the remarkable history of the luxury brand that continues even today. Tartan pattern and trench coats are two main symbols associated with Burberry. Heymarket check also known as Burberry classic check is a registered trademark. The black, tan and red pattern is applied for creation of various pieces from outerwear to accessories.

The British luxury fashion house today produces upmarket clothes, accessories and perfumes. Its commitment to following traditions has resulted into upscale products sought-after in the whole world. Not without reason have the company been granted Royal Warrants by Queen Elizabeth II and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Burberry clothes were worn by such prominent figures as Ronald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton, George Mallory and many others. High standards set by the company from the very start have been kept throughout its history. There’s no doubt that buying Burberry’s products you make a wise investment into a durable piece of clothing that will delight you for many years due to their great classic styles.

Nowadays the company manufactures diversified lines of outerwear and non-apparel including handbags, luggage, shoes, small leather goods and soft accessories. If you are looking for a worthy piece of clothing that would surpass your expectations and satisfy your particular needs for a long time, Burberry is the right choice. Brand’s outerwear and accessories will be a perfect match for any outfit giving it an excellent finishing touch. Burberry’s clothes and accessories have already become an icon of fashion and style gladdening hearts of people who cannot imagine their lives without perfection. Thanks to Burberry’s mix of high-quality fabrics and exclusive designs, you will be able to create you inimitable style and express your individuality. Those who prefer this brand can be sure of their impeccable taste and real flair.

In addition to all that have been said above, this legendary brand has enriched the fashion world with a whole lot of innovations and designer solutions. The industry has undergone a true revolution with the appearance of brand on the arena of haute couture. The Burberry collections are all inspiring, bringing a tremendous lot of positive emotions and happy moments. If you have not owned any Burberry yet, do not lose even a minute and plunge into the world of elegance and style!

Great Gift Ideas for the Fashionista: Shoes

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but shoes are definitely giving them a run for their money. For the Fall/Winter season of 2010 and 2011, there are several trends in shoes that are taking precedence over other fashions. For example, fur boots present the perfect blend of functionality and fun. Those created by Chanel and Lanvin are especially popular amongst fashionistas this year. This year it is all about the fun details to be found in shoes, like laced up boots, shoes with buckles, and chunky heels. Thigh high boots are retaining their popularity this season as well. Roberto Cavalli and Burberry Prossum are the must have designers for thigh high boots. To brighten up the appearance of their footwear, more and more designers this season are choosing a combination of colors, like brown with red and pink with yellow. The color is just another method of adding interesting detail to the shoe.

Since the fashionista is already familiar with the shoe trends for this season, the question becomes…Where do you buy these fabulous shoes? ShoeDazzle.com provides the perfect solution. This company, which was founded by Kim Kardashian, requires a new user to fill out a “style profile”. Gathering from this information, fashion experts create a selection of five different pairs of shoes or handbags for the fashionista to choose from each month. As a client of Shoe Dazzle, an individual does not have to worry about paying shipping fees on their chosen product. If she does not like the item she has chosen, she can simply return it with a preprinted shipping label included in the package. The services offered by Shoe Dazzle cost approximately $39.99 each month.

If the fashionista prefers to conduct her shopping in a more traditional manner, then Heels.com carries all of the latest trends this season in footwear. From Betsey Johnson to Badgley Mishka, they also carry a wide variety of the most popular designers. The search options on this website allow a woman to search by designer, attributes, brand, and the size of the heel she wishes to have. The website is well known for its customer service skills. Sales representatives are available to talk with a customer who needs some guidance before making a selection. If she is not happy with her purchase, the company offers free returns on their products. If a customer notices that another company has a lower price on a certain shoe, then Heels.com will match this price without question.