The Spanish Tennis Trainers – Victoria Shoes Pave the Way For Eco Fashion

Spanish shoe company, Victoria has left a trail behind in Italy and the UK and is set to take France by storm now. A familiar name in their motherland, they are as synonymous with tennis as they are with their environmentally friendly approach, as Victoria footwear is made using natural rubber and their cotton uppers are dyed using colourants with no harmful products.

The idea for Victoria trainers was born in 1915, when the founder named the company after his wife and her legacy lives on in the best way possible for a woman – through shoes! Better than that, however, shoes with natural properties and integrity in their design.

Victoria are not alone in their quest for eco friendly fashion however, as it is something which is becoming more visible in magazines and fashion shows as well as celebrities voicing their opinions on ethical style. There is a definite trend emerging as some are even choosing eco fashion as a career path; Lily Allen has announced she is quitting music to open a conscientious boutique which rents out designer gowns to cash strapped fashionistas. And then there is also Emma Watson; Harry Potter star turned Burberry model, who has created her own range of organic and eco-friendly clothes.

So there is not only a new generation of celebrity designers ready at the helm of the fashion scene to take things in a much more ethical direction, but there will be millions of young fashion followers around the globe who will be influenced by these stars. So for them, eco fashion should become second nature and affordable footwear such as the wide range of stylish Victoria shoes is a great way to look trendy yet be conscientious.

Victoria trainers are available in so many colours and styles that it is impossible to name them all, but as well as this there is a hugely popular craze at the moment for customizing them and sending pictures of the finished product to the company! Because of the variety of block colours and simple designs, they look really cool with self-created designs applied to them and you can guarantee nobody else will have them!